Saturday, October 24, 2009

the art of making lists

Writing your life is taking your life seriously - that's what I heard on the radio this week.
I love this quote.

Writing lists is an easy way to write your life.
Here are some ideas :
- list your perfumes
- list the places you have visited
- list the best moments of your life
- list your favourite foods
- list your friends
- list the things you want to buy
- list the men/women you have loved
- list your qualities
- list what you are grateful for
- list what you dream about
- list the streets where you have lived
- list what you have to do next week
- list the things you want to get rid of
- list the things you love in your life
- list the things you love in your house
- list your favourite outfits
- list the things you never want to do again
- list what makes you cry
- list the people you admire
- list the reasons you love your husband/wife
- and make a list of other lists you want to make!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

just take a picture you like

take any picture you have at home, in your computer, from the net or in a magazine and get going.
Write the story of this picture.
Invent a story around it.
What happened before and after? Why was this picture taken? Who took this picture? Where was it? Add your senses : touch, smell...
Go grazy with the plot - write a story that you like!
And if your story is boring - that is okay too!

Extra idea : Cut the picture, put in the center of your sheet, glue it and write around it.

Another extra idea : Change pen colour for every word you write so that you slow down your pace and for the way it looks!

Here a few to inspire you if you don't have any close by.
Have fun!