Friday, September 11, 2009

it's a start! yeah!

Write your life.

I have been wanting to write a blog on journaling forever - for the past 3 years I think.  So proud I finally started!

How hard it is to sometimes start new things even things that we like.

This blog is about the joys of journaling. And the hundred of techniques I plan to teach!

Since I have had a baby I have not been journalling as much and I miss it.  Journaling has always been a relaxing but at the same time exciting activity for me.  But the reason why I love it the most is because it allows be to get things done.  My written words given me the fuel to do them in real life.

My wildest dreams have always appeared on paper and have (for most of them) come true thanks to writing them over and over again.

I have been procrastinating about starting this blog...oh yes... but last night when I went to bed I decided I would start today! No more excuses.

I wanted my first post to be engaging and interesting...I wanted to write a find the best pictures, to take new pictures, to read my journaling books again...
But finally I decided to just show up.
Just to show up.
I don't remember which author taught me this but it has been a valuable lesson.
Just show up.
What counts is the process and and not the result. 

So homework #1 guys :
Shopping is involved.  Exciting shopping!  

Buy paper, notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, scotch tape, scissors, glue.  More notebooks (preferably not lined) and more pens...

But if going out to buy all that material is a reason not to start journalling, just use any paper you have at home.

Homework #2

You have your paper and a favourite pen?
Simply write down five things you are grateful for.
And do that every day.
It is the most simple and most uplifiting writing excercise you can do.
It puts everything is perspective again.

I am grateful for :

1.My great art room/office and computer
2.The great lunch I just had : egg sandwich and hot tea
3. Time for me : Mateo is sleeping now.
4. Walking outside for more than an hour this morning.
5. I think I am slowly losing my belly